Monday, 24 March 2014

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- Smelled gas in the kitchen, so I had to turn off the gas at the mains and open all the windows. Luckily it was a beautiful day, so that wasn't too much of a hardship! The gas had dissipated by the time I got F on to the school bus, and I had an unusually busy day today, so didn't call the gas leak people till the afternoon - I figured that since the gas was cut off it should be safe enough. A very nice chap came and fixed the valve at the back of the cooker - just as well, as it was starting to get cold with no central heating.

- The loo blocked, and I couldn't get it unblocked, so I had to wait for Mr Ali to come back from work and fix it. Fun thing to do after a long day at work, ew!

- Car got serviced on Friday, but they found the suspension was knackered to had to keep it in over the weekend. Courtesy car had to go back this morning, so ended up with no car and a dental appointment for me halfway across the county and a doctor's appointment for C in the opposite direction at about the same time. Had to order a taxi, who managed to get lost trying to find our house, AND at the other end - at least I got a small discount for being late :)

- Garage bill came to £984.37 - meep! Going to be an expensive month, and I have nearly £5000 of dental implants to pay for in the next month or two.

On the plus side, I got the bus back from the dentist's and it went along a route I'd never been before - through some gorgeous countryside, on single-track roads, through tiny picturesque villages with lovely stone houses, past fields of lambs, spring flowers and the last section ran alongside Hadrian's Wall, where you could still see the Roman earthworks. Brilliant sunshine made everything look beautiful, and reminded me how lucky I am to live somewhere so pretty.

Found a good present for my great-nephew (god, that makes me feel old! Great-Aunt Ali!!) who's going to be nine this week - a book of Star Wars origami, with specially printed papers for making your own Death Stars, light sabers, Princess Leias, etc. His dad was a huge Star Wars fan when he was wee, and was convinced it was all real rather than fiction (aw, bless!) so I'm hoping he has indoctrinated his offspring into the fandom. If not, at least one person in the household will appreciate it *g*.

Heating is back on, I haz pizza and fic, so am quite contented for now. Getting out into the sunshine really helped my mood today.


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