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Floods! Not through our house, thankfully, but the police have closed the bridge in the local village, and the fire brigade have evacuated 49 of the houses next to the river, despite the flood defences that were built several years ago. Apparently the Tyne just downstream from us is around six and a half metres higher than normal, which is about half a metre more than they've recorded since records began sixty years ago.

I had to drive through a few inches of floodwater on the roads several times on the way home from work.

Luckily, our house is fairly high up the hillside from the river, so we're not in any danger of flooding, but it must be dreadfully disruptive for the people affected. It makes you wonder why builders ever looked at the wide, flat piece of land along the bottom of the valley, running alongside the river and thought "That looks like a nice flat bit to build houses on", rather than "flood plain". It seems painfully obvious, but then we have the benefit of hindsight and having seen that bit flooded several times in recent years. It's not as if the houses are that new either - most look Victorian/Edwardian - but then maybe they were more optimistic that they could contain nature in those days.

Well, the current advice against non-essential travel will give me an excuse to stay at home inside in the warm tomorrow rather than ferrying the kids all over the place!

I aten't dead.

Saturday, 30 August 2014 20:59
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Hello folks. Gosh, it's been a while since I posted, hasn't it?

The new job is going pretty well - I'm really enjoying working in the shop, a lot more than I would have expected. Granted, my previous experience of working with the general public was coloured by shadowing check-in staff at Heathrow years ago, and that's not going to show the public in their best light. (Flying is stressful - some people are really horrible when they're stressed ...)

The only disadvantage was the lack of hours (and hence low pay) as it was averaging three days a month. Still, that may be changing, as the boss messaged me today to ask if I'd like to do more hours at home updating the website, which would be great, since it's really under-utilised atm and we could have a ton more stuff on there to sell. So yay!

I was at a meetup for dance teachers this week, and I've also committed to having two jewellery stalls at some upcoming dance events in December and January, which is great (especially as the stalls aren't going to cost me anything), but since most of my jewellery stock is in the wool shop right now, I'm going to have to get busy and make a ton of stuff :)

I've been vaguely thinking of starting up a bellydance class in the local area, but hadn't done too much more than think about it and mention it to a few people. Tonight I got a call from a local dance friend asking if I'd be interested in teaching her dance group, since my previous teacher switched to Pilates a while ago and there isn't a bellydance/raqs sharqi teacher in the area any more. Her group have been doing their own choreographies and rehearsing together, but without a teacher it's easy to lapse into bad habits and get stale, so they want someone to work on their technique and develop their dance. It sounds like a great opportunity - the venue, night of the week and the students are all in place, all I'd have to do is come up with stuff to teach them! We had a bit of a discussion and a six-week trial course of lessons sounds like a good idea. I'm going to meet up with them in a couple of weeks or so to discuss what they want to focus on.

Lots of stuff I want to do, and most of it has just dropped into my lap, huzzah! Let the universe know what you want and sometimes the opportunities will present themselves :)

I'm going to be ridiculously busy though!

Wish me luck ...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 23:57
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... I've applied for a job.

I have a feeling I might be ridiculously overqualified for it (I might know more if I ever get to an interview) but it sounds quite interesting, and although it's only 15 hours a week it would still be useful to have some money coming in.
Of course, having waxed lyrical in the covering letter about my excellent computer skills, I ended up having to send a follow-up email with the covering letter file attached, as for some reason the first email only had the CV file attached, although I'd attached them both. It was a computer glitch, honest, I do know how to use email!

Keep your fingers crossed for me please!

ION, in a nice bit of serendipity, I may have found a potential sales outlet for some of my jewellery. I was walking past an art gallery and art supplies shop in our local town, and decided to wander in and see if they had any useful supplies. The owner of the shop recognised me - he'd been an art tutor at the same place as I taught my bellydance evening classes, and we'd had to do the same teacher training course. We got to chatting about how horrendous the paperwork had been, and the nature of creativity, and what we were up to these days, and I mentioned that I had started making jewellery. Completely unprompted by me, he suggested I might want to sell some of my jewellery through his gallery, as he already stocks some jewellery by other local artists. I hadn't gone in there with the intention of looking to sell anything, so it was a bit of good fortune! Of course, it all depends on whether the stuff I make is suitable for his clientele (he liked the earrings I was wearing, which I'd made myself, although it wasn't an original design but a design from a tutorial which I did have permission to reproduce). He also gave me some very useful advice on pricing and dealing with supplying to retailers, and other places that might stock my stuff, so it was a very productive afternoon :). I'll have to get together some pieces to take round and show him, see what he thinks. Even if he doesn't end up selling any of my pieces, it was a very useful discussion. Things are looking promising.

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Monday, 4 May 2009 10:43
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Well, I'm back!

Quite an eventful weekend. I finally crawled out of my sickbed and drove off to the residential weekend to teach my workshop for my Diploma assessment. I was still feeling under the weather, but it was lovely to catch up with some of my friends again (and there was a spectacular fireworks display nearby, so I got fireworks for my birthday :))
Finished writing up copies in triplicate of the lesson plan at about 01:30 in the morning (planning the workshop would have been considerable easier if a) I hadn't been ill for most of the last three weeks, and b) one of my daughters hadn't mislaid 3/4 of my dance CDs somewhere in the house - I had to end up using whatever I could lay my hands on that happened to be lying around in odd corners.)

However, despite it all, I passed my assessment!

Now I'll just need to get my last few written pieces of work finished and submitted, and I'll have my Diploma :D
*does little dance of celebration*

ION, last night I took the girls to Sunday Mass and we came home with a hamster. As you do.
Hamstery wafflings )

Right, off to read the birthday fics that are waiting for me (thanks guys!) and catch up with Saturday's episode of Primeval.


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