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I'm reposting the following from an email I got from Comic Relief.
It's a good cause. PLease go and register on the site.

... I need you to do something for me.

Every 3 seconds a child dies because they happen to be born poor.

If we changed 3 things - trade, aid and debt - that scandal would stop. And on 8th July, if the 8 men sitting round the table at the G8 summit think enough people want them to - they can actually do it. Stop the deaths.

But to make that happen we need you to get 3 people you know to go to and click on the button which says 'JOIN US'. This is serious now - time is running out - we've got 8 weeks. So please....

Do it now, email them, text them, call them, camp on their front lawn - whatever it takes - but I need you to find 3 people who, like you, want to stop this casual daily holocaust.

There are 56 days before the G8 leaders meet - this is our chance... this is the moment when we can become the generation that refuses to live in a world where 30,000 children are dying unneccessarily every single day.

We CAN make poverty history. But we need EVERYONE to get involved. It's time to really go to work on this. Please recruit those 3 people, right now.
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LJ is back! *clings*
I felt quite bereft, not being able to check on my flist. I know, I am a sad, sad person, lol.

Anyway, on to the original reason for this post:

  • Go to this site: We Are What We Do

  • Pick at least one of the Actions and do it, or promise yourself that you will do it

  • Post the link in your LJ or pass it on to your friends

  • They're pretty easy/don't take much time, and lots of small actions mount up to make a difference. Which is the whole point.


    Saturday, 13 December 2003 20:45
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    Now this looks like my kind of site :)

    Chocolate AND helping stop world hunger at the same time!

    Check it out:

    (And it appears to be based in Ireland.)
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    Already mentioned in my LJ but it bears repetition.

    Join the Million Faces petition at:

    Every minute of every day, armed violence kills one man, woman, or child – shattering lives.
    Armed violence fuels conflict, keeps people in poverty, and denies them their rights.

    Oxfam, Amnesty International and the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) have launched an international campaign for tough new arms controls. They are calling for a global arms trade treaty, based on international law, to end the abuse and misery caused by arms falling into the wrong hands.

    I support this campaign, and I have already added my face to the online Million Faces petition. Please join me. Add your face to the Million Faces petition too – and help to control the arms trade NOW.

    Go to

    And please forward this message to your family and friends. Ask them all to become one in a million too.

    Thank you



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    Every single minute, someone is killed by armed violence.

    sign the petition here - add your picture
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    Justice & Peace meeting at the church again. Loaves and Fishes moment. )


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