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Monday, 4 May 2009 10:43
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Well, I'm back!

Quite an eventful weekend. I finally crawled out of my sickbed and drove off to the residential weekend to teach my workshop for my Diploma assessment. I was still feeling under the weather, but it was lovely to catch up with some of my friends again (and there was a spectacular fireworks display nearby, so I got fireworks for my birthday :))
Finished writing up copies in triplicate of the lesson plan at about 01:30 in the morning (planning the workshop would have been considerable easier if a) I hadn't been ill for most of the last three weeks, and b) one of my daughters hadn't mislaid 3/4 of my dance CDs somewhere in the house - I had to end up using whatever I could lay my hands on that happened to be lying around in odd corners.)

However, despite it all, I passed my assessment!

Now I'll just need to get my last few written pieces of work finished and submitted, and I'll have my Diploma :D
*does little dance of celebration*

ION, last night I took the girls to Sunday Mass and we came home with a hamster. As you do.
Hamstery wafflings )

Right, off to read the birthday fics that are waiting for me (thanks guys!) and catch up with Saturday's episode of Primeval.
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Hee! Love this!

Whisky + Bellydancers = love :)
My husband's mates had this playing on the internet video jukebox down the pub. They were most intrigued to see that the human body could bend that way *g*

Apparently, this is the out-takes - which means there will be another dvd out soon ... :D

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Sunday, 31 July 2005 06:19
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Sharon Kihara and Rachel Brice Sharon Kihara and Rachel Brice

I've just spent all night footling around tribal bellydance communities to get ideas for costumes (gosh, it's daylight outside!)

See above, the brilliant Sharon Kihara and Rachel Brice. How I wish I looked like them. And I wish even more that I could dance half as well as they can!

Mmm, tribal jewellery on eBay - far too easy to buy ...

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Thursday, 21 July 2005 23:57
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I just checked the messages on my phone - there was one from the head of community education (the department that runs my bellydance class).

Apparently, my 'reputation is growing somewhat'- there are 28 people signed up for my class in the September term already - they'll be starting a reserve list soon.

He asked if there was any possibility at all that I might be able to do an additional evening per week *grins*

I would really like to - if I could do separate beginners and intermediate classes rather than having to combine both it would make designing the course a heck of a lot easier (and incidentally, the scheme of work is due in tomorrow and I haven't done it yet, meep!).
The only trouble is that it's such a hassle for Alan to pick up the girls on the evening when I teach - he has to leave work early, get two buses back to pick up the girls from their childcare (which takes the best part of an hour and a half) then they all rush to catch another bus home, which if they miss it means a wait for 40 minutes. And I'm already out dancing twice a week, not to mention performances. He's prepared to do it, bless him (he said he could go in on Saturdays occasionally to make up the time), but I feel guilty about causing him so much hassle.

I wonder if teaching two night a week would bring in enough money for us to afford to run a second car? It would make things a hell of a lot easier.

I'll have to get back to them with a decision fairly quickly. I'll have a think about it tomorrow.

Edit: I phoned back and said yes :)
I asked if a morning class would be possible, as I know they do some daytime classes - the only trouble is a venue. A dance class needs some space and they don't have anywhere suitable during the day (there's a big demand for yoga classes too, but they can't find a venue for that either).
So I said I could maybe manage a Monday evening - if they brought the time forward so I could get public transport back home and Alan could have the car. They said they would get fewer people at an earlier time, but they'd be happy to go with it :D
It would have to be in the drama studio, which is smaller, so he's going to restrict the numbers to 20 for the Monday class - even better, as it will be easier to teach :D


The only downside is that I'll have a bit less time with the girls (and a bit less free time in general) - I shall just have to be more self-disciplined in using my time more effectively, and make sure I pay them more attention on the evenings when I am at home.
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Silent as the grave for months, then three posts come along all at once.

So, those of you who don't run screaming at the prospect of monaboyd slash might be interested to hear that Chapter 8 of Project Homer is up here . Just sayin'.

Bizarre moment of the week: Helping one of the fashion models backstage at the Cancer Support Group Fashion Show to reposition her boobs.

"I think that one needs to be over to the right a bit."

She peels it off her chest and sticks it back on, further over. I never realised you could get self-adhesive boobs. It was kind of weird to see her chest with no nipples, just horizontal scar lines where her breasts used to be.

"Are you sure? Are they meant to be that far apart? Are yours that far apart?"

I look down at my boobs and come very close to lifting up my shirt and flashing a complete stranger but decide against it and just pull the fabric in closer so she can judge for herself. :)

All the models had cancer. One of them was only 29, and had lost her mother to breast cancer at 32.

Three of us were there dancing as an interlude in the fashion show - one of our troupe has a really close friend in the cancer support group, so it's the charity we always ask for contributions towards whenever we dance. The last time we danced for them, one of our troupe said, quite matter-of-factly, that of course one day it would be one of us. Statistically of course, she was right - in fact, out of the 10 or so of us, it's likely that about 3 of us will develop cancer at some point. It kind of brings it home to you. You always think it's going to happen to someone else.

The commentator said of one model as she was onstage, that she lived for every day. I suppose we all should. You never know how much time you have so we should make the most of every day.

And on that note, I shall toddle off to bed, as it's 5:15 am and sleep might be a good idea at some point ...

I'm baaaack!!!!

Saturday, 2 April 2005 15:25
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Fresh from my triumphant tour of the Highlands, introducing the delights of bellydance to the uninitiated (aka my aunt's 90th birthday party in the local hall in one of the more remote glens). It went down very well (although it's a sight more scary dancing for around 100 people many of whom knew you and your mother when you were babies than it is dancing for a whole load of strangers). Rave reviews passed on to my Mum the next day. Apparently it's all caught on video and various cameraphones.
Like this one from my cousin's phone. (I think the original was in colour but it was forwarded thru my mum's emailer thingy, so it got compressed. The costume is bright pink, surprise, surprise.) Eeek, flab! I may have to cut down on the chocolate ...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Good Lord you people are prolific! I've only been away a week and my flist was up to skip=280. Some gorgeous looking fics I haven't read yet. Mmmm. Including a 'Not Yet' offshoot!!! *rubs hands in glee*


Wednesday, 4 February 2004 01:39
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Warning: This post contains dangerously high levels of smugness, elevated readings of egotism and general gloating.

I was SO chuffed after my bellydance class tonight.

Firstly Jill came up and asked me if I could perform at a charity evening for one of the local cancer groups - apparently one of the people from this group had seen our performance at Cancer Bridge and wanted two or three of us to do one for them. And (this is the good bit) THEY SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR ME!!!!! The scottish one who did the U2 solo, or words to that effect.
I was so hugely flattered :D That solo seems to go down so well wherever I've danced it. 'Salome' is such a great song and it's so different to the middle-eastern stuff we usually do, and yet so appropriate. I love it to bits, and it must show in the dancing. Considering it was my first ever attempt at a choreography, I'm pretty pleased with it *smirks in insufferable manner*.

Secondly, during the class we were practising layering shivering movements on top of other moves and we were all trying out different stuff and adding variations to it. Sarah, our teacher came over to look at what I was doing (vertical figure of 8s with shivering added on top, and then I reversed the direction - mayas I think they call them in the US). Sarah asked me to show her the move again, studied it closely and then told me that that was great and that she couldn't do it! Apparently her own teacher, Soraya Hillal (who is quite famous in Raqs Sharqi circles) had told her just to use that move in warmups, as it was too demanding for performances. And here was me got the hang of it no bother. *head explodes with pride*

When I got into my car after the class I squealed and bounced up and down in a most undignified manner. Luckily no-one was around to witness it except the rabbits who live in the school grounds and come out to eat the grass when all those noisy kids have gone home.

It just made my day :D

Sooo excited!!!!

Thursday, 28 August 2003 23:28
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The confirmation letter arrived this morning for the Residential Raqs Sharqi weekend at Ford Castle next month! WooHoo!


I haven't done any belly dancing all summer - I'm so looking forward to it, and to the class starting up again. And I've just remembered - we have a workshop this Sunday! And I haven't finished taping copies of the choreography music for everyone yet, eek ...)

I went to the one in March, and had a great time (and spent far too much in the souk - every time I went in I came out having bought something else. By the end of the weekend I had a pretty good costume ensemble, lol).

It was so surreal - the place is just over-the-top castle, with battlements, oak panelling and suits of armour: you open a door and a gaggle of belly-dancers go jingling past in full costume. Weird :)

If anyone's interested, here's the site: Farida Dance Northern Residential Weekend

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... well that's what comes of turning up 45 mins late to the belly-dancing workshop and missing most of the warm-up.

*hips ache*

'Twas good though. Nice to do an established choreography for a change, so we don't have to keep stopping and debating whether to change this bit or that bit. And we're getting really good - we'd only been doing it for an hour and already it looked as if we'd spent weeks on it.

Belly-dancing has done *so* much for my confidence. Finally finding something I'm actually considered good at and that I enjoy so much - it's just brilliant!


And our class/troup/gang/whatever are such a good laugh and so supportive. Jay was suggesting another night out in Newcastle, which should be brilliant if it was anything like the last one. We always end up belly-dancing on the dancefloor, which tends to turn a few heads. I love it so much, I don't want to dance any other way any more.

And considering that some of the best dancers I've seen are about 20 stone, it's made me much more relaxed about my spare tyre. Before I did this I would NEVER have considered wearing the skimpy costumes in public that I have done. I've never even worn a bikini since the age of about 8.

Hell, women are SUPPOSED to have curves!


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