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If you have any interest in Potter fic at all, I highly recommend this fic, All Life is Yours to Miss by [ profile] saras_girl.

Pairing(s): Harry/Draco, glimpses of Ron/Hermione [past Draco/OMC and past Draco/Pansy implied]
Summary: Professor Malfoy's world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.
Rating: R

Draco and Harry are both teachers at Hogwarts. The fic is very Draco-centric, and we don't hear a lot from Harry (for reasons which will become clear in the fic), but Harry's influence pervades the fic. The development is leisurely (115,000 words) but beautifully done. Draco gradually comes to realise that redemption is there for him, and all he has to do is learn to accept it.

Some lovely insights into existing characters like Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall, the student OCs are excellent.

And then there's Stanley, who is a sheer delight :)

Go, read it now!

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Sunday, 7 July 2013 01:47
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Since all the cool kids are doing it ... ;)

marriage rites of passage / coming of age indecent proposal secret twin / doppelganger fuck or die
au: fairy tale / myth huddle for warmth fake relationship curtainfic presumed dead
au: alternate professions celebratory kiss FREE
soul bonding / soulmates sex pollen
au: fantasy meet the parents / family unrequited love / pining amnesia sharing a bed
coming out (of the closet) matchmaker chosen family au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal genderswap

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Sunday, 7 July 2013 01:47
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Since all the cool kids are doing it ... ;)

marriage rites of passage / coming of age indecent proposal secret twin / doppelganger fuck or die
au: fairy tale / myth huddle for warmth fake relationship curtainfic presumed dead
au: alternate professions celebratory kiss FREE
soul bonding / soulmates sex pollen
au: fantasy meet the parents / family unrequited love / pining amnesia sharing a bed
coming out (of the closet) matchmaker chosen family au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal genderswap
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A Very Merry Christmas to all my Flist!

You're a lovely lot and have made my life much better by being in it, so thank you for your friendship.

*squishes you all*

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Discovered this bit of hilarity courtesy of [ profile] saras_girl's LJ.

Send that octopus to North Korea!

Assam? Lovely.

Monday, 14 May 2012 13:29
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Here, have a cup of tea.

To UK Flisties

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 00:20
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Originally posted by [ profile] obstinatrix at To UK Flisties
Originally posted by [ profile] de_nugis at To UK Flisties
(Taken most recently from [ profile] amber1960, slightly adapted.)

If you're from the UK and you believe in freedom of speech and an uncensored interenet, you really need to sign this petition. There are others floating about, but that particular one is the best way to ensure that your voice gets heard. It's hosted on the directgov website and addresses parliament directly. If it gets more than 100,000 signatures, it becomes eligible for discussion in the House of Commons.

Everyone's been getting so worked up over SOPA -- and rightly so -- that ACTA seems to have slipped under the radar. This is hugely problematic, because ACTA is a similar bill, but it has the potential to be far more damaging than SOPA ever could be.

Some people seem to have this misconception that ACTA is the 'European SOPA', but that simply isn't true. It's a global treaty, and it's already been signed by eight countries, including the US, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. Europe votes on Thursday. If they vote 'no', the bill will have to be taken back to the drawing board and reformulated, which should buy us some time at the very least.

If you think this doesn't affect you, you're wrong. If ACTA passes, it could well signal the end of the internet as we know it, and that isn't an exaggeration. It's not just about watching movies and television online. If ACTA passes, sites like YouTube, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even Google and Wikipedia could become impossible to maintain. ACTA would allow ISPs to monitor your net activity and cut off internet access for your entire household if one person is suspected of breaching copyright. Think Big Brother is Watching. I don't think I need to emphasise just how damaging it can be to be without internet access in this day and age, when we rely so heavily on technology.

It's not only bloggers and fandom that would be affected, either. Small businesses, independent film-makers and unsigned musicians who have previously found their niche online would also suffer hugely, and would be at risk of being bullied into submission by Hollywood and multinational corporations under accusations of copyright infringement. All those artists who found fame by uploading covers of songs to YouTube would never have had the opportunity to do so under ACTA, as those cover versions would be prohibited.

I know the internet has its problems, but to my mind it's the single greatest invention to come out of modern times, and it would be an absolute travesty if we were to lose that now. From a personal point of view, I can't even put into words how important this is to me. I've met some of my closest friends through the internet and online fandom, people whom I would likely never have met without it, and it's given me this amazing social support system. I don't want that to end here, and I want to preserve it for future generations so that they can have the same experience and opportunities I've been given through my online interactions.

I know that opinions on the seriousness of copyright infringement and online piracy vary wildly, but that isn't really the point. Internet giants such as Google are opposed to this bill, and it's pretty safe to say that they're not in favour of copyright infringment, as anyone who's ever had a fanvid taken down from YouTube will be painfully aware. Whatever your stance on copyright, this isn't the way to go about dealing with it. This is dangerous legislation that impeaches on some of our most basic human rights, such as the right to privacy and freedom of speech.

So if you're from the UK, please, please sign the petition. If you hail from elsewhere in the world, there may well be similar movements in your own country, but I think the most effective thing anybody can do right now is to keep talking about this. Talk about it on Livejournal, on Twitter, on Tumblr, on Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of. Make sure this issue is never far from people's minds. The internet is an amazingly powerful tool: let's utilise it while we still have the chance.

Please repost and spread the word :)


Please consider reposting this, especially if you have a large proportion of UK flisties. And please consider spreading the word via other platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, your own personal network.

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Merry Christmas, chaps!

Hope you've had (or are about to have, depending on timezone) a lovely Christmas :)

Apologies if you might have expected to get a card from me - the now-traditional lurgy struck me just around the time I needed to send out my cards (which are still languishing in the loft) and I didn't get a single one sent off in the post this year. Mea culpa, etc. I'll attempt to send off the odd note/postcard/etc at some point in the new year, but I wouldn't hold my breath *looks sheepish*.

Anyway, sending you many festive virtual hugs, and hope to see some of you next year!

Much love,
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Title: "Sole Mates"
Author: [ profile] mysteriousaliwz
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Danny/Becker
Rating: 18
Author Notes: Prodded into writing this after a ridiculously long hiatus, as part of the Denialists meetup this weekend. Prompt was 'Becker/Danny, Feet'. Apologies for the rusty writing and horrendous title. Beta by [ profile] telperion_15 (thanks m'dear!)

Sole Mates )

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011 15:40
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This guy is hilarious :D

Icons meme

Wednesday, 12 October 2011 23:52
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Meme via [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] jooles34, selections by the latter.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons. - if you ask me to!
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Icons chosen:

Read more... )
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... your choice of prescription sunglasses is determined by whether they will go with your Primeval special forces soldier cosplay costume.


In other news, I should be getting confirmation sometime in the next seven days as to whether my application for voluntary redundancy has been approved (although frankly I'd be astonished if they turned it down). It's amazing how the prospect of imminent departure has improved my mood at work - I'm positively bouncy these days *g*. 

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Monday, 6 June 2011 22:51
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Mr Ali: *looking for a bag to pack his stuff in for a two-day course in London*

Me: "You could borrow that black rucksack I keep my Primeval costume in."

Mr Ali: *starts to unpack bag, takes out bunch of cable ties, raises eyebrow quizzically at me*

Me: "It's a fandom thing. You probably don't want to know." *g*

Mr Ali: *takes out BB ammunition and thigh holster* " I can just hear airport security asking 'Did you pack this bag yourself Sir?' 'Nope, the wife did it.'

*sigh* I miss getting to dress up and be all badass special forces soldier. When can we do it again, chaps?

ION, I'm back working normal hours at work again. Today was a heck of a long Monday.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011 22:25
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If any of you have not yet discovered the wonderful [ profile] ursulav, you should rectify this immediately, and go and read the excerpts from 'the Regency Novel That Seriously, No, I Will Never Write, Iā€™m Not Kidding' that she started posting recently. (First excerpt was posted 23rd May.)

It's like Georgette Heyer, but with ninjas, and is an utter delight.
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Happy Birthday Fred!
*waves* :D

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 21:23
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Much squeeage among the Denialists at the news that Ben Mansfield will be on the Primeval panel at the SFX Weekender :) I'm looking forward to that weekend - it's going to be so much fun. I think I'm going to have all the bits of my costume looked out a week in advance *g*

ION, my Mum phoned up to let me know that a program my niece, Esther, worked on is showing on BBC1 tonight at 10:35 - Pleasure and Pain with Michael Mosley.

It sounds quite interesting.
"Pleasure is vital for our survival - without it we wouldn't eat or have sex, and would soon die out as a species. But how does pleasure work and what gives us the most pleasure in life?
In an attempt to find out, Michael Mosley learns how the hottest chilli in the world creates euphoria in the brain, why parents have an overwhelming surge of love for their newborn child and what happens if you turn your own wedding into a chemistry experiment.
We all know that where there is pleasure, pain can't be far behind, and Michael gamely exposes himself to some painful experiments to show why the two are so interlinked. Why is pain so important and how can we measure it? How much pain are we prepared to put up with if the reward is right and what would happen if we couldn't feel pain at all? And how far is Michael prepared to go in the name of pleasure? Will he be able to overcome enormous pain and stress in order to experience one of the biggest pleasure kicks in the world?"

I'll need to look out for her name on the credits. I expect it'll be something on the production side, as she was (assistant) producer for the previous thing she did.
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Happy Birthday Reggie, hope you have a lovely day :)

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 19:35
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James Moran has just confirmed on Twitter that he'll be at the SFX Weekender in April. With Paul Cornell and Dan Abnett there as well, it sounds like we may have the possibility of a writer-based Primeval panel?
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First off, apologies to all my lovely flisters who might normally expect to get a Christmas card from me - it will be very, very late this year, as I haven't sent any off yet (with the exception of the one I sent to [ profile] fififolle, as I sent it with the cheque for the SFX Weekender - I hope you're suitably honoured Fifi!)
Christmas smooches to you all via the intarwebs in the meantime.

We were planning to spend Christmas in Aberdeenshire (with my Mum) and New Year in Shropshire (with the in-laws) but due to the vagaries of the British weather we've had to change our plans. Travelling north was off-on-off-on right up to today, when we were due to drive up, but ended up being cancelled this morning when Mum phoned to say that the roads were all really bad and that cars were crashing right, left and centre on the routes we had to travel. So, it looks like we'll be spending Christmas at home.
New Year down south is looking pretty dodgy as well, as the in-laws live up a very rough country lane that is currently snowed in.

This will actually be the first time we've spent Christmas at home (as opposed to with parents or in-laws) since I became an adult - I've never had to cook Christmas dinner before! Meep! One slight complication is that we don't currently have a working oven (older daughter managed to accidentally knock the door off it ages ago and we haven't got around to getting a replacement) so I just had hob, microwave and grill to work with, so roast turkey was out. Still, it was rather fun buying lots of yummy, expensive stuff from M&S, and the lack of oven meant I felt justified in not making everything from scratch. I've never had to cater for a Christmas before, so I enjoyed being able to splurge.

Downside is that most of the kids' presents are currently 250 miles away, and we may not get up to see my Mum again till February, but hey ho, such is life.

Upside - I may well be at home and have internet access to squee with the rest of Denial during Primeval on New Years Day! \o/

Tomorrow will involve clearing enough space in the sitting room for the Christmas tree (not an easy task - can hardly move for piles of junk in there atm) and getting the tree and decorations down from the loft.
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