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Quite an eventful afternoon here - I had to track down the owner of a lost handbag and car keys a couple of walkers had found outside our house, find the phone number of the owner and ring them up (or as it turned out, her husband), return said handbag when a neighbour knocked on the door asking about it (it belonged to a friend of hers) and that was that. Or so I thought. A few minutes later the owner of the bag knocked on the door and asked if I'd seen her mobile phone, as it was still missing. I decided to go and and help her look for it, only to discover that one of the little old ladies lying on the ground beside their car in shock (there were four of them, who had all been going out for lunch until they discovered the handbag was missing). Two of them had got out of the car and the driver didn't realise the third was in the process of getting out and had pulled over to park, resulting in said passenger taking a dive onto the tarmac.

I'd to help lift her off the ground - twice, as she tried to walk the first time and couldn't so we had to sit her down again and get a chair and blankets. For a tiny, frail little lady she didn't half weigh a lot!

Ambulance eventually turned up and carted her off to get x-rayed, mobile phone still not found despite further searches of the roadside. In the middle of all that a rabbit decided to take up residence in the middle of the road, have to be ushered off by a passing driver and then hunker down in the lay-by outside our house for a couple of hours (making the ambulance driver have to drive around it) and then quietly expire. If a fox or something doesn't cart off the corpse during the night I suppose I'll have to deal with it tomorrow.

Date: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 21:52 (UTC)
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Eeek! Clearly it's not that quiet living out in the sticks!

Date: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 22:03 (UTC)
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It's all go around here today! We'd a stray sheep wandering around the lay-by a couple of weeks ago too, although I suppose it was an improvement on the entire flock the time before that.

I had to feel sorry for the lady whose handbag it was - not only did she lose her handbag when it fell out of the car due to the door not being shut properly, they never did get to have lunch, her mobile is still missing and she's probably feeling guilty as sxhe was the one driving when her friend fell out of the car! One of those days ...

Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 00:27 (UTC)
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My trainer for St John Ambulance in first year described a stable fracture thus: "It's not moving around, so the pain is much less. A good example would be, oh, a little old lady with a fracture in the hip socket [or wherever; not part of the pelvis, that's for damn sure. Something that's not a moving or particularly weight-bearing part]. You'll turn up in your ambulance and the little old lady will open her front door with her cane in one hand and handbag in the other, because little old ladies are tough old sods."

Going by your description of the lady trying to get up and walk off, they certainly are!
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Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 05:53 (UTC)
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A friend of my Mum broke her hip and then went grocery shopping on it. She called for help once she got back home because the pain wasn't easing!

Little old ladies ARE tough old sods.

Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 05:52 (UTC)
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Wow! One thing after another! I think you deserve a good cup of tea (or something stronger) after that.

Date: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 18:38 (UTC)
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Good deed for the day, I guess!


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